Setting Up for Success: Practical Advice for Taking your Case Class Online - Shared screen with speaker view
Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja
Hi, thanks for arranging this. How do you manage the use of multiple boards in a case class? What kind of hardware is required to execute this online? Thanks.
Joel Adams
Excellent points. For those of us who only have 1 or 2 classes remaining in the term, what suggestions/priorities do you have for classic case based classes that were not designed for online from the ground up?
Adithya Pattabhiramaiah
Hi, thank you for organizing. Three quick questions: 1. Is cold calling students to answer questions an effective engagement tool - for online case teaching?2. Would you recommend pre-announcing a participation lineup - i.e., posing questions apriori and assigning specific students as discussion contributors to each question? Have you had to revise this dynamically?3. Is it safe to assume that the same amount of time would work for online case teaching as in-class (physical) case teaching? Cases are taught physically in 75 min sessions here. Is that too long for online?
Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja
thanks for taking my question. do you see the same level of energy from participants on online as you see in physical setting? i assume not. how do you bring energy and excitement to participate in the case class? selection of the case is one part to do this. what are the other techniques? thanks.
Patrick Kelsey
I have to move all my courses online and I teach in an UG setting. I plan to have them provide written responses to some questions as a submission to me and they share the same with their peers on a discussion board to have a dialogue. It is an asynchronous environment. Thoughts? Any suggestions to make it more engaging? I like small groups too that is being suggested.
Robert Mackalski
Would you have a sample to watch as an example?
Renuka Kamath
Do you have methods that have been successful in keeping the student group engaged?
Robert Wood
Being in the same boat of having to change to online for the last three weeks of a course, I wonder about the platform for the online. You are using Zoom which I hear is quite popular. Any "inside" advice on this as a choice or something else.
Romi-Lee Sevel
Be careful with creative backgrounds that look too real and/or can send the wrong message. I have seen students complain that it seems the instructor is having too much fun while they are having a hard time with the challenging content. If you try this, be careful how you communicate it to students.
Davina Vora
what's a good way to have a debate asynchronously?
Michelle Westermann
Usually in my classroom-based Master’s course I give student teams freedom to give creative live case presentations each week, and then the team engages the rest of the class in the discussion. Now that I have to go online, I’m wondering whether my students are going to be able to do this. In fact, they may be better in technology than I am, but I’m not sure if that will be too difficult for them. thoughts?
Sharon Mulgrew
I find that the more I am engaged in the Discussion Forums - not necessarily long posts, many times just pointing out a great point a student made - or gently correcting a error filled suggestion -, the more engaged students are and the higher level of intellectual debate and thought. We all enjoy it more.
Maria, Cal State University Channel Islands
Very good point - some of my students don’t even own a laptop at home
Joel Adams
I've encouraged my students to gain familiarity with Zoom and other platforms not only for these courses but because they will be critical tools in their jobs, especially now. My suggestion was for them to use them to contact each other to practice and as a way to stay connected while schools may be closed.
Mazi Raz
Thank you Yusuf!